Giving Back

A national charity, a hometown crisis, a local organization, a friend in need. We want to always live by example. To that effect, philanthropy is very important to us. Through our partnerships with individuals, local and national charities, we look forward to continuing our philanthropic efforts. Our brand is constantly looking for new organizations to partner up with, so we can make impact not only our customers lives but also the community. We created this Circle of Life bracelet in partnership with the Connected Warriors organization to further support the rehabilitation of our United States Veterans, Servicemen, and their Families. Through Yoga and Mindfulness sessions, the Connected Warriors
program provides a special platform that fits directly in line with the
goal and mission of Lo amo Jewelry. Together, we have designed
a bracelet promoting mindful awareness, “One Breath at a time. One Bead at a time.” Tia carefully chose this stone combination to reflect the message that this outstanding organization lives and
breathes by. May you always know the power you hold and the gifts you share with the world.
Lo amo Jewelry Connected Warriors “Circle of Life Bracelet”