About Tia

Tia Crystal 

A Visionary Artist, Jewelry Designer, and Energy Healer, Tia Crystal has long attracted a select and international circle of collectors. Originating from London, England where she spent most of her time in interior design and raising a family, Tia always knew there would be a deeper meaning to her life.

In the Summer of 2004, a vision in a dream came to Tia guiding her to Italy. In response, and with complete trust, she left to embark on a journey leading to a profound life changing experience.Whilst walking in silence in the countryside of Assisi, Tia stumbled upon an old paintbrush lying under a bush. Next to it, there was a bottle lid with a T on it. Everything with in her told her to pay attention to the message within this brush and lid...Obeying the messenger that day, Tia began her journey to creating Art that leaves one not only mesmerized but intoxicated with inner and outer peace. Today, her work hangs in a variety of galleries, resorts, and private residences around the world. Unmatched in color, scope, variety, and deep spiritual meaning, Tia’s unique eye for style and creative elegance is showcased through all of her creations.Featured in numerous magazines and publications, such as the National Geographic, Tia’s artistic talent was formally recognized in 2012. Exhibiting in one of New York’s most prestigious art shows, Art Expo, Tia was awarded the accolade as one of the top 10 artists entered.